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About Us

Our Story

Headquartered in the heart of sunny San Diego, Ignyte is a different kind of branding firm. We specialize in brand strategy, identity systems, and storytelling, offering a unique range of expertise under one roof. Our purpose is to help companies discover their authenticity, and leverage it to create brand stories that are irresistibly compelling.

When it comes to the faces behind the story, we’re about as eclectic a group as you’ll find. We’re experts in behavioral sciences, communications, visual arts, and technology. We’re fans of rock n’ roll and house music, surfing and snowboarding, sushi and pasta, lattes and green tea. We hail from far-flung corners of the map, and our office is a cacophony of dialects (even our office dog Maya is a rescue from the Mexican jungle). Diversity is our strength but at the end of the day we all speak a singular and unified language: brand authenticity.

Our Ethos

It’s a madhouse out there. A real-time, always-on, consumer-driven circus. Brands will sacrifice anything to stay relevant. Even integrity. But when brands try to be something to everyone, they end up being nothing to no one. Consumers don’t identify with compromise. They identify with sincerity, originality, and truth. In short: authenticity.

We believe that when it comes to brands nothing is more essential than authenticity. It’s where purpose, integrity, and passion are born. It sets the stage for honest and heartfelt storytelling. It allows for the profound simplicity that is the hallmark of great design. At Ignyte, we help brands discover their authenticity. It ain’t easy. But, trust us, figuring out who you are and what you stand for is worth a little sweat and tears. After all, there’s one thing every brand should know. Itself.

Our Values

We are Passionate

We bring an ardent fervor to each and every project we take on. We channel our all-consuming quest for authenticity into your brand’s unique needs and goals.

We are Imaginative

We refuse to rely on stock solutions to strategic planning and creative execution. Our efforts are inspired by boundless ingenuity and unconventional inventiveness.

We are Insightful

Authentic brands are the product of profound introspection. A keen awareness of subtle yet important truths allows us to get at the heart of who you are.

We are Collaborative

If there’s one thing we know it’s that we can’t do it alone. In building your brand, we place the utmost value on open communication and cooperative efforts.

We are Fearless

We aren’t afraid to try bold and innovative strategies that defy conventional wisdom. Safe, conservative, status quo: for us, these serve only as guidelines of what not to do.

We value Excellence

Our standards for your brand’s quality are exceedingly high. We settle for nothing less than exceptional strategic direction and flawless creative execution.

Brian Lischer

Founder & CEO

Equal parts eccentric madman and consummate creative genius, Brian helms the Ignyte ship, channeling his relentless passion into realizing the firm’s vision and mission. With degrees in both Communication and Psychology from UCSD, and more than a decade in design and branding, Brian brings a deep-seated interest in behavioral sciences to Ignyte’s unique approach. His strategic vision and creative flair—coupled with a brutally honest and obsessive personality—drive Ignyte’s goal to reclaim brand authenticity. Brian works closely with clients to ensure optimal brand positioning and a compelling brand experience. In his spare time Brian can be found surfing, snowboarding, or hiking somewhere within the idyllic Southern California landscape.

Doug Wagner

Senior Creative Writer

For nearly 15 years, Doug has worked in communications across a broad spectrum of industries. He’s also dabbled in journalism, writing feature and column pieces for publications both local and international. Prior to his work with Ignyte, Doug served as Director of Communications for Father Joe’s Villages, the largest homeless services provider in Southern California. His savvy as a wordsmith is complemented by a deep understanding of the nuances that make brands authentic. When he’s not banging his head against his keyboard, trying to find the perfect word to describe your brand, Doug can be found at live music venues throughout San Diego or, often, in the ocean somewhere.

Elina Enikeeva

Project Manager

A devout chess player with a passion for business and mathematics, Elina is always thinking three moves ahead. It’s a skill that serves her well as Ignyte’s Project Manager, where her ability to strategically maneuver complex project components would put Kasparov to shame. Born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Elina went to college in Boston before finally landing in sunny San Diego. Before Ignyte, she headed up the operations team at the global digital agency Mirum for five years. Outside of the office, Elina spends her time doing aerial yoga, playing piano, traveling throughout Central Asia, and playing tug of war with her dog Milos.

Bradford Prairie

Creative Director

Bradford is the aesthetic assassin behind much of Ignyte’s bold, minimalist design. He has a degree in Digital Art and Design from UC Irvine and over decade of experience creating sharp, engaging online experiences. A product of the startup culture, Bradford has worked to realize the vision of many early-stage growth companies. Prior to Ignyte, he served as Art Director for the creative agency Macleod Asare Chan. Bradford’s obsession with typography, detail, and minimalism have made him an ideal fit at Ignyte. In his free time he extends his design skills to video, interactive art, and Japanese gardening.

Sarah Schmidt

Senior Graphic Designer

Sarah has an uncanny eye for seamless, cohesive design. From crisp identities to compelling websites, her talent drives the engaging brand experiences that are Ignyte’s calling card. Sarah studied Communication Design at Texas State with a background in Studio Art and Art History. Before coming to Ignyte, she worked with Sharp HealthCare, the American Red Cross, HP, the City of Chula Vista, and more. Sarah is a lifelong vegetarian and passionate advocate for mental health. When she’s not working, you can find her hiking with her dachshund, meditating, or chilling at home with a homemade pizza and a Marvel Movie. Excelsior!

Karen Kingston

Business Development Director

With a network of connections and a nose for new business, Karen is responsible for drumming up the sales that keep Ignyte’s eyes on the future. More than 20 years of sales, marketing, and management experience began with a stint as one of Pfizer’s top sales reps in NYC. After being quickly recruited by the company’s marketing arm, Karen played an integral role in the re-launch of VIAGRA. Before Ignyte, she worked as an executive strategist for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and Allergan. Outside of work, Karen teaches dance and fitness in addition to her full-time position as mom to a teenage son (and a guinea pig named Jake). Needless to say, she is an expert multitasker.

Greg Trinidad

Technology Director

Greg is no stranger to the development of dynamic websites that convey authentic brand narratives. Since founding a web development firm while attending UCSD, Greg has become proficient in all areas of web design, development, and digital marketing. He’s helped thousands of businesses worldwide with online and offline enterprise-level projects. Critical to Ignyte’s mission to embrace mobile, Greg architected our unique framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects that help our clients better connect with customers. In addition to a husband and father, Greg is a die-hard surfer. You can be sure his thoughts are on the waves when he’s not busy marshaling the Ignyte development team.

Jouliette Davidov

Project Manager

Jouliette is the choreographer of Ignyte’s many moving parts. Behind the scenes, she wrangles and directs the team’s creative efforts; in front of them, she ensures we always make good on our promise to leave clients happy and inspired. Jouliette brings years of cross-cultural design, marketing, and project management expertise to Ignyte. She’s a San Diego native, but studied International Relations at San Francisco State University and lived for ten years in Buenos Aires, where she perfected her Spanish before returning home. These days, when she’s not hiking or doing yoga, Jouliette can be found doting over her rescue dog and cat, Tinto and Tulum.

Claudia Reinert

Senior Designer

To say that Claudia is a stickler for details would be the understatement of this website. With a master’s degree in Graphic Communications and more than 15 years experience in corporate identity and editorial and digital design, Claudia brings a fanatical meticulousness to every client project. Prior to her work with Ignyte, she was creative director and partner at Quatro Design, before which she held graphic design positions at Bear Stearns, NY and Stock Alper & Associates. A native-born Spanish speaker, she has the unique proficiency of working skillfully with bilingual material. Whichever language she’s working in, Claudia’s most obsessive compulsion is delivering exceptional work to our clients.

Andre Couturier

Art Director

André Couturier Maitret is as eccentric as they come. A visual artist in every sense of the word, he rocks an inimitable personal style inspired by his native French-Mexican heritage and impassioned creative vision. André was born in San Diego but spent most of his youth in Veracruz, Mexico. His talents range from digital illustration and 3D animation, to video game development and web design, to photography and videography. His eye for aesthetics has served him well for more than a decade in digital marketing and fine arts. André brings his distinct creative flair to every project, ensuring that your brand’s personality is authentically represented in its visual expression.

Brent Curry

Digital Strategist

Since the earliest days of the paid search era, Brent has leveraged his unique background in business development and analysis to generate impressive results from all the major search network advertising platforms. For 12 years he’s been building and managing lucrative digital marketing campaigns for companies across a broad range of industries. Brent’s approach emphasizes incremental improvements through meticulous strategy, testing, and optimization. When he’s not obsessing over CPAs and CTRs, Brent plays soccer and is a fervent supporter of the Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League. #COYS!