This marks the first post of a new blog on a new website of a not-so-new company. So first let me say, thanks for stopping by. Make yourself comfortable. Have a look around the place. Not clear on where you are or how you got here? That’s ok. The important thing is you’re here. This is the official online home of Ignyte, a thoroughly unique branding firm headquartered here in San Diego, CA. In the short time that Ignyte has been in the game, we’ve worked with some amazing clients, done some remarkable work, and realized a caliber of growth no one could’ve predicted.

I had a feeling Ignyte would be successful, though—for a couple reasons. For one, as its CEO & Creative Director I’m sort of obligated to embrace a spirit of dogged optimism, regardless of how realistic it may be. But I also knew we’d nail it because the value we’re offering is different—a unique yet critical set of services for real brand advancement. Now, doing something different isn’t automatically a recipe for success. But if what you’re doing works—if your novel approach gets results above and beyond what your clients expect—and if you’re passionate about it, things have a way of taking off.

One of the ways Ignyte will be capitalizing on our momentum is by exploring the insights that come with it, here in this blog. Brand Thinking is pretty much what the name suggests: a space for the examination of all that is good (and bad) about brands and branding. We’ll be thinking as a brand about brands. We’ll play the role of brand storyteller and brand psychologist. Topics will be diverse but will more or less fall into one of five categories: Agency (news about Ignyte itself); Strategy (insights on brand strategy); Design (the aesthetic side of branding); Storytelling (the all-important element of narrative); and Innovation (technological trends with industry significance.)

As its leader, I expect big things from both the firm and the blog. But then that’s my job. What should you expect? Expect a new perspective on timeworn concepts. Expect a unique merging of storytelling and science. Expect contrarian and sometime provocative takes on newsworthy items. Expect curated examples of the powerful brand experiences that shape our every day. Most of all, though, expect the unexpected.

We here at Ignyte are excited to take the first step on what promises to be a fascinating journey. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you along for the ride.

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A prolific blogger, speaker, and columnist, Brian has more than a decade of experience in design and branding. He’s written for publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, and Brand Quarterly.