Breathes new life into world-class brands by developing fresh visual identity systems that engage and inspire. Leads the complete reimagining of brands from concept to launch, ensuring visual identity is cohesive and compelling every step of the way. Works within a multidisciplinary team to transform data-driven strategy into jaw-dropping brand experiences.

Ignyte’s Core Values:

  • Excellence or nothing: We settle for nothing less than the best in everything we do. That goes for more than just quality work. From fine-tuning internal processes to clearly communicating with other team members to providing exceptional service to each and every client, our standard of excellence extends to every aspect of our work.
  • Forever learning and growing: We continually strive to be better versions of ourselves. Our curiosity inspires us and our passion for learning drives us. We think the best jobs are those that encourage employees to grow both personally and professionally. And that the only way to grow is to constantly challenge yourself with new skills and novel ideas.
  • Courageous and driven: We aren’t afraid to take risks in the pursuit of excellence. We see courage as the ability to move beyond fear when faced with daunting challenges. We choose to place our goals ahead of our fears, to look forward instead of looking back. It takes bold decisions to build great companies, and boldness demands courage.
  • Authentic at all costs: We are true to ourselves and celebrate our differences. Our diversity is our strength, so we are always respectful of others. From the clothes we wear to the ideas we share, we are genuine and confident, which makes work more meaningful and fun. With authenticity comes honesty and with honesty comes trust.

Essential Duties:

  • Lead the comprehensive design of new visual identity systems, drawing on strategic insights to create compelling brand experiences that support clients’ business objectives.
  • Demonstrate an innate understanding of color theory, typography, and imagery in the creation of highly original logos that are authentic and memorable.
  • Create detailed visual identity guidelines to clearly outline optimal usage standards.
  • Oversee the ideation and production of brand touchpoints for a diverse array of media, including both digital and print.
  • Conduct competitive brand audits to assess the strengths, weaknesses, and overall positioning of client brands and their top competitors.
  • Play an integral role in the creative direction of website design, ensuring websites are a cohesive and compelling embodiment of visual brand identity.
  • Collaborate with other agency disciplines to ensure holistic brand experiences across touchpoints.
  • Communicate your ideas confidently and persuasively when presenting to clients. Support your recommendations by articulating insights from brand research and strategy.
  • Advance visual identity practices by continuously improving how we work with clients, identifying new ways that verbal identity can solve their challenges.

Experience and Knowledge Required:

  • 5+ years of experience (agency preferred) designing visual identity systems
  • Robust portfolio of creative work that showcases solid design processes
  • Strong leadership and teamwork skills—the ability to work with and mentor other designers as well as the confidence and skill to communicate your ideas clearly
  • High levels of emotional intelligence and critical thinking abilities
  • Exceptional organizational skills and ability to prioritize a workload of multiple projects
  • Go-getter who is results oriented, and who calmly executes with a thoughtful approach
  • Strong communication skills that will inspire the confidence of our clients and build trust
  • Go-getter who is results oriented, and who calmly executes with a thoughtful approach
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), UI design tools (Figma, Sketch), MS Office, Apple Operating System, Slack, Project Management Tools

To Apply, Please Email Us the Following:

  • Apply to careers[at]ignytebrands[dot]com. Do not apply via LinkedIn, job boards, website
  • Use the subject line “Applying for the Ignyte Senior Visual Designer Position”
  • A cover letter that includes answers to the following:
    • Why are you interested in working at Ignyte?
    • What separates you from the majority of other designers in the industry?
    • How would you describe your ideal company culture?
    • What is your favorite typeface and why?
  • Your resume
  • Your design portfolio including examples of logo and website design work
  • How much do you NEED to make right away and how much do you WANT to make in 3 years (a range is fine)?

About Ignyte:

Ignyte is a branding agency driven by transformation and growth. We believe a strong brand is at the core of every successful business, especially in uncertain times like these. Strong brands drive market performance and boost company valuation. They’re essential for strategic growth.

At Ignyte, we help businesses grow by transforming their brands into valuable business assets that inspire employees, motivate customers, and generate lasting economic value. Our data-driven approach creates meaningful brands that connect with audiences on a visceral level. We do more than craft elegant logos, powerful websites, and engaging stories. At Ignyte, we create brands built for growth.

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