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Key Details

Leadership & Organizational Development
Market Research
Brand Audit
Brand Architecture
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design

The Opportunity

Founded by a clinical psychologist, Adaptive Edge was a unique startup with two core offerings: leadership development and organizational development. They sought to offer a cutting-edge advantage to leaders and organizations alike, helping them adapt, survive, and thrive in a competitive market. Adaptive Edge’s most fundamental challenge was how best to position themselves within two distinct sectors. Clearly defining the company’s brand architecture would go a long way in articulating the underlying business model. This top-down method—wherein brand strategy begets business strategy—is a uniquely effective approach that’s been the difference for many Ignyte clients. Because Adaptive Edge was entering two sectors that were notoriously crowded with poorly defined brands, we had a unique opportunity to position the company as an industry leader through distinct positioning, clear messaging, and a premium identity. The result was a startup boutique consultancy, comprising symbiotic brand assets, with the presence of a well-established large firm.

Brand Strategy

As a startup, the Adaptive Edge brand required a solid foundation of research and consultation. Over the course of market and consumer research, client persona development, and stakeholder interviews, we were able to define both the target audiences and the most effective means of attracting them. The segmented yet synergistic brand architecture—showcasing both leadership and organizational development—was united by a brand personality that was methodically developed in our proprietary system. The Adaptive Edge brand that emerged was centered on the value transformation—of individuals, of organizations, and of the nature of leadership itself. It was a compelling and ambitious brand personality that allowed us to craft an online presence with substance and authority.



Customer Interviews


Brand Audits


Audience Personas