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The Opportunity

A seasoned executive consulting firm offering a broad spectrum of services, CUSTOMatrix was a well-established company in need of a brand refresh. They sought to increase membership and expand their client base, and understood that doing so required a complete overhaul of their outdated brand identity and online presence. The company wanted to position itself as a robust, dependable organization able to support large and complex customer requests. They were looking for an image that was memorable and differentiating—one that could be leveraged as an effective sales tool to garner new business.

The primary challenges for CUSTOMatrix included a complex business model with an unaligned leadership. Offering a wide range of executive consulting services, the brand’s value propositions were nuanced and diverse. Comprising a group of accomplished experts in an array of fields, its stakeholders were not always on common ground when it came to the brand’s objectives and target markets. What was needed was a fundamental reevaluation of the brand and a modernized means to deliver its message.

Brand Strategy

Our most basic goal in the CUSTOMatrix rebrand was to craft a brand architecture that effectively captured the company’s wide-ranging service offerings. After a thorough discovery phase including market research and a comprehensive brand audit, we decided that instead of creating sub-brands, the best approach would be to fully develop a master brand with segmented services. The subsequent brand architecture was highly integrated across positioning, messaging, online presence, and team roster. Over the course of several in-depth brand focus workshops, some key differentiators emerged: multi-disciplinary expertise, a deep understanding of finance, and a focus on privately held and family-owned businesses. Leveraging this insight, we positioned the brand accordingly—as a dependable, full-service executive consulting firm that could “Deliver Everything” via a customizable suite of services designed to foster courageous leaders, engaged employees, and resilient businesses.



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