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Key Details

Leadership Development & Venture Capital
Market Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design
Corporate Stationery
Marketing Collateral

The Opportunity

inStrategy is a unique leadership development company offering both executive training and venture capital funding for innovation-based startups. Their one-of-a-kind business model and its attendant value propositions should have been their strongest brand assets. Instead, the dual offerings were muddying the vision of inStrategy stakeholders, resulting in messaging that was unfocused, confusing, and ineffective. To make matters worse, their online presence was outdated and unaligned with their target audience. inStrategy turned to Ignyte to address these challenges and more. Like most businesses, they needed an external analysis to better understand their own identity vis-à-vis the varying competitive landscapes in which they were operating. Their goal was to position themselves as the go-to regional firm for startups looking to launch scalable businesses, and investors looking to back such enterprises. They saw their model as a unique solution for creating sustainable economic growth in the San Diego community.

Brand Strategy

Our objective was to clearly define inStrategy’s brand architecture, and leverage it to differentiate their positioning within the leadership development and venture capital industries. The competition was represented by some formidable, well-established brands. In defining inStrategy’s brand architecture, we began with an intensive audit process, including market and customer research, competitive analyses, and brand focus workshops. Through this process, we developed a comprehensive understanding of how the brand was currently perceived versus how it should be perceived. From there, we implemented positioning and messaging that unequivocally delineated the brand’s personality and value propositions.



Customer Interviews


Competitive Audits


Audience Personas