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Key Details

Health & Wellness
Market Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design

The Opportunity

When they approached Ignyte, Mantra was ready to launch a unique business model that capitalized on two burgeoning industries. As both a premium yoga studio and full-service juice bar, the company would capture increased regional demand for two distinct yet symbiotic services within a single location. Mantra’s partners were each equally passionate about the tangible benefits that yoga and juice brought to their lives—namely balance, health, and happiness. Their goal was to unite the two offerings for the first time in a world-class brand and facility that would have a positive impact on the local community. Mantra came to Ignyte after failed attempts with two other design firms. This previous work, however, lacking a proper foundation of research and strategy, had failed to align with their vision. We set out to establish that foundation, and build a vibrant, authentic brand that reflected a groundbreaking business model with incredible potential.

Brand Strategy

As a startup with a unique new business model, the Mantra brand required extensive market landscape research. By tapping into the census data from surrounding communities and developing target audiences, we helped the partners gain a comprehensive understanding of the local market and geography. We helped focus the brand architecture by unifying separate sub-brands, Mantra Yoga and Mantra Juice, into a single master brand: Mantra Yoga & Juice. We positioned the brand as the original yoga studio and juice bar committed to setting the standard for the model, while giving back to the community in the process. Mantra’s central focus was health—both of the individuals they served and of the community at large.



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