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The Opportunity

Located in a hip uptown neighborhood of San Diego, MOSAIC was a business on the rise, featuring a range of holistic services for a devoted and growing following. More than just a yoga studio, the company offered personal training, nutrition counseling, leadership development, Reiki, and other unique services. Among MOSAIC’s core challenges was building awareness around this breadth of offerings. The company’s stakeholders had trouble articulating the scope and value of each of their distinct services. It was no surprise, then, that their customers were unenlightened as well. As is often the case with our clients, in order to effectively express their unique value to audiences, MOSAIC needed to fully understand what that value was. Only with a thorough assessment of the true nature of the company and its landscape could they hope to formulate a cohesive brand architecture. They needed to discover their authenticity, so that they could craft a unique and compelling story, and capitalize on their growing following.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy for MOSAIC was founded on an initial discovery phase comprising intensive market and customer research. Interview subjects included company founders, instructors, customers, and local practitioners not yet familiar with the brand. An examination of the local yoga market revealed gaps and opportunities uniquely addressed by MOSAIC’s services. The brand’s target audience was a demographic whose various needs were not met by other local studios. Unlike their competitors’, MOSAIC’s clientele skewed male and included personas ranging from hipsters to Navy SEALs to business executives. The brand’s key differentiator was a suite of services informed by profound and esoteric traditions. More than just a “drive-thru” health club, MOSAIC struck a valuable balance between hipness and spiritual depth.



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