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Brand Coaching

brand coaching session

Unlock your business’s potential with on-demand access to brand and marketing coaching from Ignyte Founder & CEO, Brian Lischer.

Who It’s For

  • Businesses that need a rebrand but don’t have $250k+ to work with an agency
  • Leaders looking for new ways to grow their brands and their businesses
  • Marketers who need strategic support building and growing their brands
  • Designers who need creative direction and/or feedback on visual identity
  • Anyone who has questions or needs expert guidance on the branding process

Just click the link below to submit payment and you’ll be redirected to Brian’s calendar to schedule a call.

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Who You’ll Work With

You’ll work 1-on-1 with Ignyte Founder & CEO, Brian Lischer, to grow your brand—and your business.

Brian brings a unique combination of experience to coaching from over two decades in branding, marketing, design, and business.

From seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, he’s worked with hundreds of business leaders like you, and built a proven process for transforming brands. As both a branding expert and an entrepreneur, Brian knows firsthand how to leverage branding to move the needle.

Get the confidence of knowing where your brand stands—and a clearly defined roadmap for what’s ahead.

How It Works

During your 1-on-1 coaching session, we’ll identify your top 2-to-3 branding goals, outline a strategy for achieving them, and define a tactical plan of action for steps to grow your brand.

Or, we can keep the conversation less structured if you’d like to get high-level advice or review current branding work.

The Zoom recording and any assets we create are yours to keep.

Your Investment

60 minutes: $400 $199 for a limited time!

Just click the link below to submit payment and you’ll be redirected to Brian’s calendar to book a session.

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Brian’s Areas of Expertise

Brand Research

Better understand how your brand is performing, so you can make confident decisions about the future of your business. Brian knows the ins and outs of brand research, including audience segmentation, stakeholder interviews, and competitive brand audits. Together, we can define your research objectives, develop a research approach, analyze existing research data, or even audit your brand in real time.

Brand Strategy

Redefine how your business is perceived by those who matter most, and build a framework for the growth of your business. Brian has a deep understanding of brand strategy, including brand positioning, brand architecture, and brand extension. We can define your strategic roadmap, review your positioning messaging, or work through your brand portfolio challenges.

Brand Identity

Create a powerfully engaging brand experience that resonates with your target audience. Brian has led countless visual and verbal identity projects over the past two decades, from logos to tagline to websites—and everything between. We can evaluate your brand’s name or logo, review your website from a strategic branding perspective, assess the effectiveness of your marketing and sales collateral, or prioritize the creation of brand touchpoints.

Brand Activation

Ensure your brand is primed for growth from its initial rollout to its execution across channels and touchpoints. Brian has helped launch over a hundred brands, and knows what it takes to maximize impact—and minimize risk. We can discuss your brand activation goals, structure a brand rollout plan, or explore campaign ideas.

Just click the link below to submit payment and you’ll be redirected to Brian’s calendar to book a session.

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About Brian

Brian Lischer, Founder and CEO of Ignyte, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and brand strategist. He is a leading voice on a range of issues, including the psychology of branding.

Brian founded Ignyte, an award-winning branding agency, in 2013. After working for more than a decade in marketing and design, he decided to put his passion for behavioral sciences to work by helping businesses transform their brands into valuable assets. Under Brian’s leadership, Ignyte has grown into a highly sought-after agency that works with hundreds of brands ranging from seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.