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Brand research services to uncover insights for growth.

When it comes to your brand, you have to know where you stand today before you can make decisions about tomorrow. That’s why brand research is at the heart of what we do.

Unfortunately, not all agencies have the same philosophy. The simple truth is, if your branding project doesn’t start with research, you’re probably working with the wrong branding partner.

With Ignyte’s brand research services, you get actionable insights into how your brand is perceived by key stakeholders including customers, employees, investors, and strategic partners.

From customer interviews to competitive brand audits, the services listed below are designed to help you clearly see your brand’s current performance, its future potential, and the roadblocks in between.

Don’t make a move without first understanding the playing field. Brand research gives you the clarity and confidence you need to make key strategic decisions.

Better understand the people your business serves so your brand can speak directly to their needs. Including in-depth interviews, online surveys and focus groups, customer research enables you to understand how your customers perceive your brand.

Customer research from Ignyte gives you data-driven insight into areas including:

  • Your customers’ needs, goals, motivations and challenges
  • How customers become aware of your brand
  • How your brand is differentiated from the competition
  • How your customers experience your brand across touchpoints
  • Unmet customer needs and gaps in your current offerings

Better communicate with customers, improve brand engagement, and increase conversions with customer personas that put a face and a story to the individuals you serve.

Customer personas help define your target audience segments by outlining the demographics and psychographics of each segment.

Customer personas from Ignyte give you the tools:

  • Better understand your ideal customer
  • Create brand messaging that is targeted, relevant, and resonant
  • Foster deep and lasting connections with those you serve
  • Measurably improve your sales, branding, and marketing initiatives

Optimize your customer experience by creating a visual representation of their journey.

Customer journey mapping tells the story of how your customer experiences your brand as they navigate the process of finding, selecting, and purchasing your products or services.

Customer journey mapping enables you to identify:

  • Areas of friction within your brand experience
  • Common barriers to entry in your brand experience
  • Negative brand experiences you’re currently unaware of
  • Opportunities to improve customer loyalty

Get actionable insights that enable you to improve your brand experience—from the moment customers become aware of your brand to their interaction with your products or services, and beyond.

Improve company culture and customer experience with internal stakeholder research. Internal stakeholders include your employees, leadership, and board of directors.

Understanding how these key stakeholders experience your brand from the inside gives you the insight you need to foster company culture and ensure that customers have a consistent, rewarding brand experience.

Internal stakeholder research is designed to:

  • Uncover truths about both your employer brand and corporate brand
  • Identify misalignments in the way team members are communicating
  • Foster a culture of in which employees are ‘living the brand’
  • Better understand your organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify where your organization is delivering on its brand promise—and where it is falling short

While it’s often overlooked and undervalued by organizations focused on external relationships, internal stakeholder research is critical for better understanding your business, your audiences, and the reputation drivers of the market.

Ignyte’s internal stakeholder research services include in-depth interviews and company-wide surveys that give you the insight you need to make strategic decisions about the future of your organization.

Get actionable insights into your brand’s performance with an objective analysis of your brand’s position within the competitive landscape.

Whether you’re a CEO wondering whether to rebrand or a marketing manager trying to make the case for a rebrand, our brand audit services pinpoint what’s currently working and not working with your brand, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

A brand audit from Ignyte helps you:

  • Better understand the nuances of your competitive landscape
  • Assess your own brand’s performance with that landscape
  • Identify inconsistencies within your brand experience
  • Uncover opportunities to meaningfully differentiate your brand and position it for growth

Conducting regular brand audits is critical to ensure your brand’s optimal performance. They give you a detailed snapshot of how the players in your industry are positioned, including the insights you need to make strategic decisions about the future of your brand.

Measure how impactful, memorable, and differentiated your brand messaging is by testing it against each of your target audience segments.

Message testing research uses controlled, objective methodologies to optimize your brand’s messaging.

Message testing services from Ignyte let you:

  • Test specific messaging aimed at specific audiences
  • Use objective metrics to gauge your messaging’s effectiveness
  • Determine whether the message you want to convey is the message that’s being received
  • Fine-tune your messaging to accomplish specific objectives
  • Foster meaningful connections with those you serve

Clearly and persuasively communicating your brand’s message is the first step in bolstering brand awareness and increasing sales with marketing campaigns that move customers to act.

Boost brand awareness and drive growth by better understanding consumer decision-making, market performance, marketing mix, and brand equity.

The goal of brand awareness research is to answer one question: What percentage of your target market is aware of your brand?

Brand awareness research from Ignyte enables you to:

  • Measure your current brand awareness among key audience segments
  • Measure brand anchors, familiarity, commitment, and consideration
  • Take the steps you need to ensure your brand is top-of-mind with target audiences

Our brand awareness research services give you a barometer on the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, as well as the insights you need to course correct and boost brand awareness moving forward.

Calculate the value of your brand as determined by attributes like brand loyalty, awareness, associations, and perceived quality.

The stronger your brand equity, the more appealing you are to customers and the more valuable you are to investors. That’s why brand equity is key to commanding higher prices and capturing greater market share.

Brand equity research from Ignyte gives you insight into:

  • Awareness of your brand among key audiences
  • The associations your customers attach to your brand
  • The loyalty of your customers
  • Your appeal among potential job candidates
  • Whether your commanding the right price for your offerings
  • Ways in which to increase profit margins
  • Opportunities to enhance your negotiating power

Brand equity research is critical when planning for mergers & acquisitions, optimizing your brand architecture, or making strategic decisions that impact your brand portfolio.

Get actionable insight into the various customer segments within your market, so you can develop a targeted strategy for positioning and messaging.

Market segmentation research parses the demographics and psychographics of customer segments, giving you a better understanding of each segment’s unique needs.

Marketing segmentation research from Ignyte gives you the insight for:

  • Improving campaign performance
  • Attracting the right customers
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Identifying niche markets
  • Informing product development

By understanding your customer segments, you can leverage this targeting in product, sales, and marketing strategies. Get an edge in a crowded competitive landscape with a more complete understanding of your customer base.

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